This British cottage is over 500 years old: But the inside looks incredible


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Have you ever considered the prospect of moving into the woods and living out your days in complete peace and serenity, far away from any big city? I know I certainly have.

Of course, it’s easy to dream about such things. Turning them into a reality, however, is another matter entirely. I’m not sure what it is for me personally. Perhaps I’m just afraid to take the plunge.

What I can say is that I’m feeling a strengthened resolve after seeing this incredible place …

Amongst the lush green surroundings of the beautiful Malvern Hills in Great Britain, lies an enchanting cottage.

From the outside it looks as though it could have been abandoned 500 years ago; like time has stood still and the building hasn’t changed.

That goes out the window, though, when you have a peep inside the house known as Wishbone Cottage …

Nestled between an old fruit farm and a fish pond, Wishbone was originally built as a barn sometime in the 1400s.

From the outside it seems to be a forgotten relic; an impressive building claimed by nature, completely overgrown with ivy and tree leaves.

An old wooden door offers no hint to the fact there’s actually hidden treasures inside.

But one look inside this place reveals that isn’t the case …



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