Single Mom Lives In Shipping Container With Daughter After Converting It With Bare Hands


Lulu is a country girl from Argentina who now lives in the states with her young daughter. The single mom had gone back to school, but was not interested in a traditional 9-to-5 job or a lifestyle that required constant work in order to pay rent. When it came time for Lulu to move out of her house, she decided to move herself and her daughter into a standard shipping container.

The shipping container, which was used to bring things back and forth from China, turned into Lulu’s bohemian haven. With no building experience, Lulu spent one month and $4000 installing windows, insulation and a functioning kitchen, which includes a water heater and camping stove.

“When you don’t have money, you just get creative,” Lulu told Fair Companies. After taking multiple trips to the junkyard, Lulu found practically everything she needed to build the home out of recycled materials. Everything from the floorboards to the cabinets is pre-used, but still in great working condition. The mother-daughter duo have a bathtub, toilet, sinks and a makeshift playroom.

The shipping container only offered 160 square feet, and Lulu eventually decided she and her daughter needed more space. So, she built their new bedroom on a used flatbed trailer. “This was really a choice about how many hours do we have to our life, and how do I want to spend those hours?”

In turn, Lulu is challenging the stereotype of a “normal” mother in an effort to live a simpler life and spend more quality time with her daughter.

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