New Zealand Teen Builds Her Own Tiny Home For Her Final High School Project



By the time most of us graduate high school, we’re lucky if we’ve even managed to narrow down which university we’d like to attend or job field we’re interested in joining.

When New Zealand native Gabriella Grace was finishing up her studies, however, she already had her eye on another prize: her own home!

That’s right, at just 18 years old, Grace not only became a homeowner, but she built the petite abode with her own two hands. With her father’s assistance, she designed and built an adorable home as her final project in school.

Two years later, she shows off all the nooks and crannies to Bryce Langston, the host of Living Big in a Tiny House. The series features several examples of compact living situations for those who like to live modestly.

Langston is clearly impressed by what he finds inside the hacienda, especially when he catches a glimpse of the amazing view of their country’s capital town, Wellington. Now 20 years old, Grace admits she just got lucky with the location!

Once they head indoors, Langston continues to be blown away by her ingenuity. Using mostly recycled wood and other items, Grace explains how the 172-square-foot home only cost her about $17,000. That’s less than some people pay for cars, let alone their house!

Take a look to hear more from her about the whole process of crating the pint-size sanctuary.



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